13th Alpine Verification Meeting will take place in Brno, Czech Republic.

Travelling by Train

Brno is well-reachable by train from Vienna (2 stops, ~1h30min) and the rest of Austria.

Notice: Brno main station (Brno Hlavní nádraží) is currently being reconstructed. International trains stop in Brno Dolní nádraží (you should get off here). From Brno Dolní nádraží, you can either take a taxi or bus number 61 to go to Hlavní nádraží, where a tram station is (see the section Transport in Brno below).

Travelling by Plane

Airports closest to Brno are in Vienna (closer and with more convenient transport) and Prague. From there, take a train or a bus (we recommend RegioJet or FlixBus).

Brno also has a (small) international airport with flights from/to London, Milan, and Berlin. From there, you can either take a taxi (see below) or bus No. E76 to get to the Hlavní nádraží tram station (you need to buy a ticket).

Transport in Brno

If you only plan to stay in Brno for the duration of AVM, you may not need to get around too much (the venue is 25 mins walking from the Avanti hotel).

The most convenient way for getting around Brno is using a taxi, and it may be the preferred way of getting to the hotel from Brno Dolní nádraží or the airport. We recommend you to use the Liftago application on your mobile phone (it is a Czech clone of Uber, which does not operate in Brno); you can make a payment for the taxi using your credit card from the application.

Public Transport

If you prefer to use Brno’s public transport, you may need some Czech coins to buy a ticket in a ticket machine (some of them accept contactless credit cards, though), exchanging the money might be a hassle that you might prefer to avoid (it should otherwise be possible to survive AVM without cash).

Notice: If you wish to take public transport from Brno Dolní nádraží to the hotel, you may consider buying a train ticket all the way to the Brno Královo pole train station (if you are arriving from south, i.e., via Vienna etc.). Then the ticket can be used on the route to the hotel (bus No. 61 and trams No. 1, 6, and 6P) instead of a tram ticket (you may need an official ticket for this, a printed A4 or an electronic ticket on your mobile phone may not work). See here for more information. If you have an electronic ticket, you can get a replacement ticket at the train station’s ticket office, though. Seems complicated? ⇝ Take a taxi.

To get to the Avanti hotel using public transport from the main train station (Hlavní nádraží), buy a 20 CZK (15 min) ticket and take a tram No. 1 in the direction to Řečkovice (leaving the tram station in the north-east direction) or tram No. 6 or No. 6P in the same direction. Get off at Hrnčířská and take the street Rybníček eastwards until you come to an intersection with the street Střední. Walk north on Střední for about 150 metres and you have arrived to the hotel.

For more details on public transport in Brno, see the web page of DPMB.